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Safeguarding Sight: How to Keep Your Eyes Safe During Tanning Sessions

With the spring season just around the corner, it’s finally the best time to flaunt our glowing skin. For a long time, bronzed and toffee-colored skin shade has remained an obsession for people. It’s a common notion that people with bronzed skin shade or dark complexion look youthful and healthier. Bronze tan helps define the muscles and makes one appear slimmer and toned. Spray tanning spa near me have made tanning easy and effective. Instead of toasting yourself under the sun, you can visit any tanning salon and get an instant tan. However, when getting an indoor tanning treatment, one must be careful to protect their eyes. 

Certain body parts should be kept covered while inside a tanning booth. Our eyes are one such body part. While eyelids are natural protection shields, they are not thick enough to prevent the light rays from entering our eyes. 

Why is it necessary to keep our eyes covered during tanning sessions?

Indoor tanning functions differently from traditional sunbeds. In indoor tanning, intense light rays are directed towards the body. The beams target the body part to allow the skin cells to react and produce melanin. The intensity of the light rays produced by the tanning lamps is higher than the natural sunlight. If your eyes are not appropriately covered, even a short moment of exposure to UV rays can result in substantial eye damage. 

Unprotected eyes are susceptible to retina and cornea damage. Prolonged exposure to the intense UV rays can burn the cornea. The damage to the cornea can result in a cataract or even blindness. Ensure your spa Virginia Beach offers their customers eye protection gear like goggles. Besides this, one must follow the instructions given by the technician to prevent eye damage. 

So, let’s find out how to keep our eyes protected from UV rays while getting the tan. 

Tip 1: Keep your eyes closed: 

When inside the tan booth, keep your eyes closed. However, avoid the urge to force shut your eyes as it can result in squint tan lines. 

Tip 2: Wear eye protection gear: 

Besides keeping your eyes shut inside the tanning booth, wear the eye protection gear the technician offers. The goggles will provide extra protection to your eyes and prevent squint tan lines.

Tip 3: Wear fitted goggles

The goggles you choose to wear inside the tanning booth can significantly make a difference. Make sure the goggles are not too loose or too tight. Pick the ones that fit your eyes perfectly. Ensure that there is no space in the goggle from where the UV rays can pass through. 

Tip 4: Use sanitized goggles

With the danger of COVID-19 still lurking around us, it’s best to prefer goggles that are freshly new or thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. 

Tip 5: Never remove the eyeglasses between the sessions

Many people get tempted to remove their eyeglasses once they are inside the tan booth. However, one must not do so. Removing your eyeglasses in between the session can hurt your eyes and result in permanent damage. …

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